Stratford Engineering

About Stratford Engineering®

Stratford Engineering® has one of the longest track records in the ALKYLATION / petrochemical engineering industry. We have even created one of the pivotal petrochemical engineering technologies that is now commonplace around the world.

Our legacy began with the Grease Contactor™ reactor, designed and patented in 1928. These machines are so well built that some have even lasted up to 80 years. It was this basic design that was the predecessor of our Alkylation Contactor. Even after so many years, these exceptional reactors and associated processes represent the most state-of-the-art in both industries. Stratford Engineering® has remained privately held since we started licensing our ALKYLATION technologies back in 1938.

At Stratford Engineering®, our focus has always been to provide full-service solutions to our customers. Whether it is performing an analysis on your current system, helping troubleshoot problems causing low reliability or creating a new Contactor design for performance improvement, we have you covered.

We can also provide custom seals designed for your specific equipment. Stratford has extensive experience in this application and equipment. By bringing a significant amount of experience and knowledge in the world of alkylation technology, we are able to offer great quality along with very competitive prices.

Here Are Just A Few of Our Services:

  • Grassroots plant design
  • Debottlenecking, revamping
  • Startup assistance
  • Test run assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
  • Operator training
  • Schedule A packages
  • Spare parts (for refinery equipment)