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At Stratford Engineering® we offer a wide range of industrial engineering and equipment design services. With close to 100 years of experience, we have the expertise and know-how to help meet your needs. 

Mechanical Seals

The advanced materials used throughout the seals are coupled with unparalleled design concepts aimed exclusively at the unique ALKYLATION requirements.

Always privately held, Stratford Engineering, LLC. began licensing ALKYLATION technologies in 1938. In 1977, Ward Graham, my father, bought controlling interest of Stratford Engineering® and rebuilt and expanded under the new name of Stratford/Graham Engineering which later became STRATCO, Inc. In 2003, the ALKYLATION division of STRATCO, Inc. was sold. We are here to help you in your reliability programs so that you can achieve the best, world class ALKYLATION performance.

Our newest seal systems are tested prior to shipment which assures successful operation. The seal designs offered are the product of 71 years of application experience supporting the global ALKYLATION community. The worldwide refining industry has made many changes in operations over the years, related to reliability, safety, and capacity. All of these issues demand continuous improvement in all areas.

Our seals address the needs of refineries in today’s tough business climate, with increased operating demands and a competitive environment.

The Stratford seals offer safety, redundancy, and improved operational life while addressing emissions levels and the long MTBR expected by today’s users.

Our Team is here to serve your Alkylation needs. Let us replace your mechanical seals with a Stratford seal!

Please email John Kay (; Cecilia Mancero ( or Diane Graham (

Plant Design

Alkylation is the transfer of an alkyl group from one molecule to another. The alkyl group may be transferred as an alkyl carbocation, a free radical, a carbanion or a carbene (or their equivalents). Alkylating agents are widely used in chemistry because the alkyl group is probably the most common group encountered in organic molecules. Many biological target molecules or their synthetic precursors comprise of an alkyl chain, with specific functional groups in a specific order. Selective alkylation, or adding parts to the chain with the desired functional groups, is used, especially if there is no commonly available biological precursor.

In oil refining contexts, alkylation refers to a particular alkylation of isobutane with olefins. It is a major aspect of the upgrading of petroleum.

Spare Parts and Service

The key to maximizing the life and efficiency of your Stratford Engineering® Contactor™  is proper maintenance. This includes not only proper lubrication, but also the prompt repair or replacement of wearable parts.  We offers replacement parts, repair services, and complete refurbishment to ensure that your Contactor™  is maintained in peak operating condition. The use of our OEM parts assures custom fits and the provision of proper clearances and tolerances in accordance with Stratford Engineering® design standards.

Why you should use genuine OEM parts?

  • High Quality at lower prices
  • Optimum raw material dispersion
  • Optimum heat transfer
  • Minimizes energy costs
  • Prolongs useful life of mechanical seal
  • Prolongs useful life of bearing bushing
  • Prolongs motor bearing life
  • Protects impeller shaft from wear

Because our high-quality equipment is so durable, our reactors can remain in service over 40 years! And, we will continue to offer spare parts and equipment upgrades for every unit you have. Most of our replacement parts for today’s Contactor™  are specifically designed to work in our earlier generation units as well.

For current pricing on Stratford Engineering® OEM parts or complete Hydraulic Head assemblies, contact us today!